Things to Consider When Buying a Hoverboard for Your Child

Are you considering getting your child a hoverboard but don’t know anything about hoverboards or how to pick the best one?

You’ve come to the right place because we are going to be discussing everything you must consider when buying a hoverboard for your children.

Hoverboards make for amazing gifts for children, but like with any other purchase, you’d make the first time, learning about hoverboards is also essential. Here are the most important things to consider when buying a hoverboard for your children.

1.    Safety first

As parents, the safety of their children is paramount, especially because riding hoverboards can result in serious injuries for kids. However, the newest models on the market come with UL2272 certification, which guarantees that the board has passed all safety standards and met all regulations. To ensure that the hoverboard is safe for your child, avoid buying low-build knockoffs of famous brands.

What is UL2272? 

2.    The age of your kids

Hoverboards come with an age recommendation of 12 years and above, which means that they aren’t safe for use by children younger than that. You must consider the height and age of your kid when buying a hoverboard for them, because a clumsy child without proper balance will fall repeatedly and may injure themselves. There are different models available for kids in the market, so make sure that your kid is old enough for a hoverboard before buying one for them.

3.    Build quality

The build quality of the hoverboard is one of the most important considerations, because there are so many cheap knockoffs on the market. Avoid buying them at all costs, because they are prone to catching fire and exploding. Only buy models that come with the UL2272 certification, since that guarantees superior build and quality of the board. You should also read customer reviews to verify the build quality of the hoverboard.

4.    Charging time

The most important thing you should check in a hoverboard is the battery, and the time it takes to fully charge, since the battery determines how fast and far you can go. It also adds additional weight to the hoverboard, and you don’t want to buy a hoverboard that requires hours of charging time after every single use. Get the latest models of hoverboards that can run for long distances on a single charge, and don’t need to be charged repeatedly or every other day.

5.    Speed and range

The speed and range of the hoverboard is also an important consideration, because almost all hoverboards offer the same maximum speed. Most hoverboards for children come with a speed range from 2 mph to 10 mph, so make sure you check that first before buying one for your kid.

The range of the hoverboard is related to how far it can travel on a single battery charge. It can be challenging to measure range, because of other factors like the frequency of use, the terrain it is used on, and the weight of the rider.