What You Need to Know About UL2272 certification

What You Need to Know About UL2272 certification

You may have heard of the latest hoverboard UL2272 certification, but what does this really mean, and how does it affect you, as a consumer? The UL2272 represents a new set of safety and regulatory standards that hoverboard and related electronic product manufacturers must adhere to. It aims to protect the purchaser and instill exceptional quality in every step of the production process.

Our range of mobility products is guaranteed for its reliable, safe and stable performance. From its inception to manufacture, adherence to mobile regulation and certification provides children and adults with secure hoverboards. Only invest in high-quality hoverboards that are tried and tested, guaranteeing its design and operation. It prevents hazards such as overheating, fire risks, electronic malfunction, and damages.

Ensuring the authenticity of hoverboards will protect against substandard purchases. We make it easier to find the safest products for your needs. Learn how to look out for the UL2272 label and why it remains important when buying a hoverboard.

What Is UL2272 Certification?

The UL2272 certification is the latest safety introduction to electronic mobility devices such as the hoverboard. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is the professional body behind the regulation, delivering specific safety practices, validation, assessments, and inspections before and during manufacture. It is a consumer-based initiative with the aim of protecting against substandard purchases.

UL2272 certificate

The US government approved the investigative approach adopted by the UL to assess all motorized products such as the hoverboard after an electronic failure caused a fire outbreak in select models. All manufacturers are required to adhere to the list of regulations as set by the UL concerning electronic, motorized and battery-operated products to authorize its safe consumer usage.

The UL2272 is different from prior regulation including the UL1642. The UL1642 only covered Lithium battery operation while the latest certification covers a comprehensive list of electronic and battery operations.

The UL2272 came into effect in May 2016. It consists of a single label on the bottom of the product itself. The sticker must include the UL2272 logo along with a batch number and safety US code you can authenticate online. Its holographic surface makes it easy to identify.  

Why is the UL2272 Certification Important?

If you want to buy only the best hoverboards with quality assurance, look out for UL2272 certification. Our range of mobility products is all 2272 authorized, which means each manufacturer has undergone the stringent process to validate its authenticity and secure operation.

Under the UL2272 certification, all single rider and non-road mobility devices must prove safe for operation without risk of fire outbreak or electrical malfunction. This includes all battery and rechargeable systems.

It certifies that the product has undergone rigorous testing in accordance with the national standard for battery and electronic operated equipment. The approval process includes assessments for:



Circuit Operation

Overload Tests

Water Resistance

Flame Resistance 



And a list of additional functions determined by the UL, you can check this article how UL Tests Hoverboards to UL 2272 Requirements. 

The Influence of Modern Technology

A rise in the number of electronic, battery charged and operated mobile devices has led to the pressing need for more stringent security measures in its manufacture. While products such as hoverboards and motorized skateboards are exciting additions to the market, there is risk associated with the unsafe operation and buying counterfeit products.

The benefit of UL2272 authorization includes a national stamp of approval you are buying a thoroughly tested product. Certification is constantly updated to manage ever-changing technologies and its associated safety standards.

Importance of UL2272 For Consumers

Investing in a thoroughly tested and investigated brand, provides peace of mind that your or your child’s hoverboard is safe to use. Consider a scenario of breakage during operation and the injuries it could cause or a fire resulting from poor electronics, damaging your home and assets. Many disastrous situations can occur with electronic mobile devices that are not on par with safety regulation.

The regulation is important because it prevents purchasing counterfeit products. If you wish to invest in an authentic hoverboard brand, simply look at the bottom of the item for the UL certification sticker. It is a simple and effective means of finding products that meet your purchase standards and provide the guarantee that is safe and secure for regular use.

You will find a list of UL certified hoverboards simply by visiting our online store. Purchasing an authentic product that is guaranteed safety tested and approved, ensures maximum enjoyment without the risk, from your brand new hoverboard.

Motorized mobility devices including the hoverboard, do not come cheap. You want to know that you are buying an authentic product that is tested, reliable to use and will last against daily vigors without sudden failure or risk. The best way to achieve this is by investing in the UL2272 certification. The simple sticker located on the item can be verified online. This ensures you are purchasing a high-quality product that is guaranteed safe and fully functional across national electronic standards.

The purpose of UL2272 is to ensure the hoverboard or similar electronic mobility device is reliable and durable during operation.

Hoverboard with UL2272 certification

It protects against mishaps that could cause severe damages including electronic failure, explosions or major overheating. A customer list of operational and safety criteria has been issued by the UL2272 making it easier to distinguish authentic products from counterfeit and poorly designed ranges.

Certification offers you, as the consumer, the proof the manufacturer has complied with a set of production and testing requirements before releasing the hoverboard range.

Our certified products are proven tried and tested, guaranteeing your safety and enjoyment when buying a hoverboard. Each item incorporates the holographic sticker with its UL2272 certification as a means of safety compliance and the selection of authentic hoverboards.

With the superior protection provided by the UL 2272, your hoverboard includes the highest national assurance for safety and performance. The regulation eliminates authenticity concerns. The UL has made it easier to identify only the best products on the market that you can trust. We provide a range of certified hoverboards to choose from and the guarantee it offers with only the finest national standards.

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