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A self-balancing board, popularly known as a hoverboard, is much more than simply a scooter to help you transport from one place to another. In popular culture, it has been endorsed by a number of celebrities, including but not limited to Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber and it has been immensely popular among kids and youth alike. At present, tons of models of hoverboard are available in the market, with each claiming to provide different features. However, even though it is only a small investment, you need to be able to make the right decision in order to ensure a brilliant experience with your next hoverboard. In this article, we are introducing the latest model of hoverboard which is only 6.5” as opposed to traditionally available models of 8.5”. While various models are available in this size, Z1 Plus Hoverboard is the future of hoverboards due to its unprecedented features and absolute level of comfort it provides to the riders.

Starting with the latest size of hoverboard, 6.5” is just the precise size, especially if you are looking to buy a hoverboard for kids. It allows better grip and control; hence, it is loved by kids. At the same time, however, a big portion of adults have also preferred the new 6.5” size. These latest hoverboards have a lot of attractive features, and some of these are discussed following.

This new addition in hoverboards is not only attractive and better looking for kids but it also helps in locating in the dark. LED lights are present on wheels, the front part, and fender. Together, these lights make hoverboards a highly attractive gadget rather than just a toy for kids.

  • Bluetooth Connection:

Enjoy your best Hoverboard ride with Bluetooth connectivity and gain maximum out of your experience. It is surely a brilliant addition and helps you enjoy your ride in a much better manner next time. So, you do not want to miss your Bluetooth connectivity feature next time you get on your hoverboard or self-balancing scooter.

There has been some discussion related to the safety of hoverboards. In fact, some boards have been reported to be catching fires during rides. It is only rational to be careful in such a situation. But as a thrill-lover rider, you have nothing to worry about as these 6.5” hoverboards are UL2722 certified. It means that all these boards have gone through extensive testing and passed all the safety tests. This safety certification should be a major factor when deciding to buy any hoverboard in the future.

UL 2272

  • Power:

Overall, these gadgets have been designed to be more powerful and longer lasting. Once fully charged, these hoverboards work for approximately 3 hours. An added feature is that of faster accelerator embedded in them.

  • Price:

Do not let all these amazing features to make you feel as if this gadget is going to be out of your range. These latest models of new generational of hoverboards have been priced just so that they are affordable for all lovers of this ride.  

As a hoverboard lover, you get the opportunity to choose from a vast range of these latest models available at present. However, our Z1 Plus has been the most popular among all, and it is absolutely loved by kids. The model is available in different colors, including black, silver and purple. This model is also available in Pink Color, and Pink Z1 hoverboard is among the most popular gadgets in this category.

So, if you are looking for a self-balancing scooter (or hoverboard as we like to call it), here is your best option to buy this pink hoverboard (or in any other color if you wish to). With just the same price, you can also get your hoverboard shipped free to your address. Having the best hoverboard in your collection is a matter of your ability to recognize value-adding features. What are you looking for then? It is time to take conventional hover-boarding to a whole next level and bring more flavor in your life (or that of your kid) with this LED flashing, Bluetooth-enabled and safety certified hoverboard.