XPRIT Chrome Purple Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker, LED Wheels

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Pick your favorite vibrant color and get ready to ride in style and experience the all-new XPRIT premium 6.5” hoverboard. Perfect for any boy or girl or even adult. The new chrome hoverboard has been upgraded and is more powerful than ever and anyone can enjoy it.

It reaches an impressive speed of up to 9.3 mph with a maximum climbing angle of up to 15 degrees. The long-lasting rechargeable battery is fully charged and ready to go in just 3 hours; it provides an astounding range of up to 4 miles. Add more fun to your riding experience and connect to the enhanced Bluetooth speaker integrated into the board to play your favorite tunes from your phone. 

Max Speed:  Go faster than ever. Reach up to a maximum speed of 9.3mph. Don’t forget to wear safety gear at all times.

High-Quality Bluetooth: Add more fun to your riding experience. Jam out to your favorite tunes and connect your phone and blast through the built-in speaker.

Battery Life: Keep the fun going. Advanced built-in technology and easy to learn for beginners and amateurs. Equipped with a 36V/2.0Ah Li-ion battery, dual 300-watt hub motors, quick charging and longer using time.

Distance range: 6.5" high-quality rubber tires, non-slip pads provide a safe ride. Reach further distances and enjoy more time riding. Achieve a maximum distance range of up to 4 miles per charge. 

Free Gift: Don’t leave your hoverboard at home and carry it everywhere on the go. Receive a complimentary black carrying bag with each hoverboard. 

Wheel Type: 6.5" Tire size 

Bluetooth: Bluetooth w/built-in speaker

Battery: Lithium Battery: 36V 2.0AH 

Speed:  7.45mph-9.32mph ,Max Climbing Angle: 10-15 degree

Charging time: 2-3 hours; Distance on full charge: 4 miles

Max Weight: 264.55lbs

Minimum Weight: 44lbs

Net Weight: 22lbs

Free Gift: Carrying bag

Where are you located?

Our company is located at California

What is UL2272 Certificate?

The UL2272 certification is the latest safety introduction to electronic mobility devices such as the hoverboard. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is the professional body behind the regulation, delivering specific safety practices, validation, assessments, and inspections before and during manufacture. It is a consumer-based initiative with the aim of protecting against substandard purchases. Safety of hoverboard4sale item. Every hoveboard product contains one unique UL Certification code.

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Product Saftey Is Our Number One Priority

We are proud of introducing our top quality hoverboards. Our products have never been recalled. All hoverboards have UL2272 certification and 100% safe.

30 Day Hassale Free Return

30 Day Free return for all of our products and 1 Year manufacturer warranty If you have question or problem with your product, please feel free to email us Or call 1-951-893-1999

We use Fedex Ground shipping for all orders.
We process all online orders 9 - 4 PM PST (Monday - Friday).
All our product come with 30 days warranty with free return. Also the hoverboard come with 1 year limited parts warranty.
Yes, you can contact us and request Free return within 10 days after you received your product. But, you can not return the products If you have damaged the Hoveboard.
A speaker inside the hoverboard with Bluetooth wireless connectivity that is paired with one smartphones, tablets, iPods or computers
No, but you can buy it separately
Yes, all of our hoverboard product come with charger.
Depends on weight of the rider, plus the speed you are going and the condition of the floor.
Yes, but all hoverboards needs to meet the new safety guidelines for the batteries. So, the fire hazards aren’t like of years past.
Yes, our product come with 1 year warranty.
After the product is fully charged, hit the start button and the step on it. We would suggest you to use Helmet, arm and knees protector.
Yes, it has hoverboard picture on it.
Yes, the lights are bright and well visible in the dark.
Hoverboard, manual and charger
No batteries needed. The product comes with batteries installed already and an electric charger.

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